Jesse Seldess: Else

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If we don’t signal our love, reason will eat our heart out before it can admit its form of mere intention, and we won’t know what has departed.

– Rosmarie Waldrop, Lawn of Excluded Middle

I have me a vision

I step on the edge
stand and retrieve and pulse around
in the sounded privacy

The sun high enough to enter


When I woke up in the morning
over the long time up in the sky

I could consume the dream
in the space that it had

in my world

variegated reflected retroactive reactive light

stopped light with validated variegated fields
In the inflected refracted retroactive reactive light

I speak

as a pure product

that can hear

Here I am
I ask say
in the stream
incoming speaking
turn back
from the sun

It’s morning

articles all around
In the retroactive light
surfaced behind
under the grass
or out front or up above
out of the snow

like sleep
I literally move
with waves
little visions
I cannot see

Ask who I am

redbud and cherry and one wild apple tree

I have no way
after my past
So I rewind interferring

The long time I had a vision
I turned it up
to the ends
over the long time I was on
For an ungraspable time
already formerly a long time

What I find there

I can see the back of values
between the preambles
Spinning around the heart
You can hear it also

off the ends

off into the middle
where I stand
in light
That is itself not still
way high up