Loss Pequeño Glazier: Poems

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Nantahala, photo by Loss Glazier.






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un pequeño gorrión .. temblando ahí C'est que

sparrow's buff insistent alcazar garden voice

tinged citrus dream: Oranges, Arles et Nîmes,

Tunisian swoon - citric Títeres de Cachiporra

sticker ghost on loon panels ... regiomontano

"glaziers, painters y otros handy Becker man"

sultry moon air zunzún ou Clignancourt eau de

Place des Vosges - Parque Ecológico-Chipinque

maison de Victor Hugo -- Bosques de San Angel

Sector Palmillas, Vézelay in Burgundy seafoam

turquoise centzontle-norteño swoon cinq c'est

écalant danse pine and teak forest ^ Là-bas é

lyric labas swishing cê-tween trees sabe kobe

Butterflies are presciently poetic ici nectar

of 174-species Phospho-Bosporus saben rebatar

bom Flux lulls sifr Swerve-o-fate Gothic arch

becomes Cerro-de-la-Silla Ionian baskets arch

Archères; Andrés hilly Oxford St digs, Dylan,

Henry Miller, Ali's Rumble in the Jungle, bee

pounding amazeballs tropical night bee from a

butterfly fable conniving insects graze blurs

beck, blot, beckon, breaker, brook, being atl

per atl-agua: sonido del agua, Tenochtitlan's

Huitzilopochtli his name being cognate of the

Nahuatl huitzilin "hummingbird" and opochtli,

as "left" (or south); thus, his name "resusci

tated warrior from the south."Dreamy night of

Barcelona tapas, roaming dark streets late as

"tapa" i.e. lid for wine glasses in Andalusia

tapas crawl chorizo, salt, oil, & holy water,

atl-agua, rabbit kidney, speared dueling bebe

piglet tails -- thus Elysian dreams ice cream

eyes Saint-Hyacinthe's Roman eros, xochitl de

rends rose Rhône River, docks of Languedoc --

documents de toutes le langues, languid, dark

c'est-la rencontre le next Moyen Ages -- Xime

observe when the basilica was built, bê, beau

soleil with two tiny stains striation hint of

quarto bumps to one corner, a cê ce-ci melody

intones bellezza Odalisque, Olinalá, onda, oh

mystic eye Loss Pequeño Poets mother of pearl

reflects: Recall if you shift your right hand

one key left "loss" becomes "kiss". an Etymon

upon sand dunes sung gravitational La-Sultana

de-Norte Izmir iris Osiris inside Iztac Inset

since islet inked instep with india viscosity

White whale bones oohtin o the Skeleton Coast

Maraschino metztli cerise honey miel rooftops